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Our Tax Investigations Service

An HMRC investigation could hit anyway anyone - don't get caught out!

Tax investigations are expensive, intrusive and stressful, and they can happen to anyone randomly selected by HMRC.  Even if no errors are found, there will still be professional fees to pay which can cost tens of thousands of pounds.

Investigations & Coronavirus / COVID-19:
During the past few months employees across the UK have been placed on furlough, under the clearly stated condition that they should NOT continue to work during this time. There have been numerous reports in the media about employees that have been asked to continue working whilst their employer claims furlough payments for them.

In August HMRC have commenced sending their first batch of compliance letters to employers, with a view to investigating those they think have breached conditions, whether they have or not.

We are happy to confirm that if an enquiry into an approved COVID-19 Job Retention Scheme grant or Self Employed Income Support Scheme payment is carried out by HMRC, using their Information & Inspection Powers contained with Schedule 36 FA 2008, then our Fee Protection Insurance policy WOULD provide cover for this under the Schedule 36 enquiry provision; subject to usual Terms and Conditions. But to take advantage of this, you MUST have joined the scheme prior to any letter arriving!

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We are confident our Tax Investigations Service delivers some of the best protection against the professional fees arising from an HMRC enquiry.  This means our expert and professional defence will ensure your tax arrangements are treated correctly and fairly, and you won’t be billed for the fees incurred.

There is an added advantage for limited companies and partnerships as their directors, partners and spouses are (in most cases) automatically covered by our service for any personal investigation, as long as we are the acting tax return agent for that individual.  You can access more information by downloading our Tax Investigations Service Summary below.

It should be noted that French Duncan LLP elects to cover the costs of the Tax Investigations Service by means of an insurance policy in its name, provided by Markel Tax.  

If you would like to find out more about our service please download the Tax Investigation leaflet below.  Or you can get in touch with your usual French Duncan contact or click here to make an enquiry.

Please note, for cover to start on 1st March 2020 French Duncan LLP MUST have received full payment by 20th February 2020, otherwise cover will only be valid from the point of payment confirmation.



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