Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Why make the change?

Cloud or digital accounting software provides a huge number of benefits to businesses and business owners, and at French Duncan we work with most of our clients to manage their finances digitally using one of the available systems such as Xero.  And it's not just bigger clients either, there are packages available for almost any business size and even many self-employed people are now using such tools to maintain their financial records.

One of the biggest benefits, and one which many clients have really appreciated over the past few months, is that you can see real-time reports and results. Cloud systems can tell you not just what your bank balance is, but what your wider financial situation is at any point in time. Cloud accounting can also deliver to you:

  • Faster, more accurate and more accessible management information.
  • Time-savings due to a reduction in admin.
  • Future-proofed financial systems.
  • Reduced costs compared to other tools.
  • Better compliance.
  • Improved profitability overall.

French Duncan support:

Our skilled team are on hand to work with you to find the right solutions to suit your needs.  We can also undertake detailed systems reviews, carry-out the implementation of systems and we'll train/support you moving forward too.  And once you are up-and-running, our range of services such as outsourced bookkeeping, VAT return preparation and bespoke management accounts all integrate with your cloud systems - meaning we can spend our time analysing your information and advising you on how to make your business even more efficient.

At French Duncan we have invested heavily in ensuring our teams are fully certified and trained in all the main Cloud solutions, ready to help take you and your business onto an online platform tailored to your needs.

Our Partners / Cloud providers:

At French Duncan we are a Gold Champion Partner of Xero, meaning that we are here to support you through the set-up and implementation of this system into your business.  Watch the short film below, and then contact one of our team to see how we can help you harness all the power of Xero.

We also regularly work with other cloud accounting systems, so click on any of the logos below to find out more about each of our software partners.



Still not convinced?

You can find out more below on the Features of Cloud Accounting, and then why not read what some of our existing clients have said about their own switch to Xero. But we're also aware of some myths as well - so let's challenge some of those too:

  1. My business is too big/small/complex/simple/anything! It's not. There will be a system and provider right for you, and we can help you find the right one.
  2. The software is too expensive and complicated. Compared to other software and hardware it probably isn't, and it will deliver considerable savings elsewhere too.
  3. Cloud software isn't secure. The main providers go to great lengths to ensure the security of their systems, mostly with two-factor / encrypted logins etc.
  4. My business has quirks that software can't handle, so I'll need a cashbook as well. A cashbook just cannot give you the information that cloud systems can, and systems have all sorts of elements / integrations / tools to manage any business needs.


Features of Cloud Accounting

Readily available data at your fingertips.  Faster bookkeeping from imported bank transactions to sending invoice reminders
Cloud accounting software is accessible 24/7. With the aid of integrations, you should have all the information you need anytime, anywhere.

Bank feeds allow for reduced data entry of bank statement lines into accounting systems. Activity data is collected from the bank and effortlessly entered into the accounting software.

Once the bank information is available, the accounting program can automatically suggest matches with transactions such as sales and purchase invoices. Upon completion of the bank reconciliation, automatic invoice reminders can be sent to customers to chase payment for outstanding overdue invoices enhancing the credit control functionality.

Decision making made simple. Effortlessly run, customisable reports giving you a snapshot of your financials anytime
The reporting section gives the ability to understand your business from running real-time reports. This moves away from traditional, desktop bookkeeping and year-end compliance - allowing for a more meaningful advisory service.

As everyone’s needs are different, the customisation of reports allows for a personalised reporting pack to be created. You can have reports showing exactly what you need and in the format you need it.

Various add-on integrations such as AutoEntry, PayPal, Receipt Bank and more . . . 
With the evolution of technology, cloud systems are becoming more advanced and intuitive. Through the developments of API’s, most software providers allow for seamless communication with other providers. This allows for you to have sophisticated platforms and integrate with add-ons when needed. Add-ons can save time and create efficiencies.

There are accounting software add-on apps that can assist with the following functionalities and designed specifically for the sectors noted below: 

Functionalities Sectors
  • Inventory
  • Accounting
  • Payments
  • Agriculture
  • Job Management
  • Automotive
  • Timesheets
  • Construction & Trades
  • POS Systems
  • Education
  • CRM
  • Franchises
  • Payroll
  • Health
  • Reporting
  • Hospitality
  • Quote/Sales/Jobs/Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Purchases/Expenses Portal
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Professional Services
  • Property & Realty
  • Retail
  • Tourism


Multiple user access to your accounting package
No more restoring data from memory sticks or remotely connecting to servers. This information is available by simply having internet connection. Not only on a computer, but accessible from smartphones & tablets. Cloud accounting software is accessible 24/7.  You should have all the information you need anytime, anywhere.

In relation to user access, the restriction that can be found with desktop systems is single user access only. With cloud systems, there can be multiple user access allowing for increased productivity.

Where staff manage different parts of the business eg staff for sales / staff for purchases, cloud systems manage this well. Different access rights can be given and tailored to all roles so individuals are only viewing what they need to see.

The ability to collaborate with your accountant is much easier when on the cloud. Both parties can view the system at the same time and give instant advice. Conversations that used to be held at year-end can now take place throughout the year with reliable information at hand resulting in proactive advice.

Automatic back-up to the cloud preventing loss of data
In comparison to desktop systems, spreadsheets and paper, the cloud has better security and reduces risk of loss of data. Cloud providers are always on top of data security and actively review and improve this functionality.

Sensitive data is secure and safe from loss. Even is computer crashes, everything is saved into the cloud. The risk of losing important data due to a server failure is avoided when data is backed-up in the cloud.

There is no need for manually backing up your data every night as this automatically saves into the cloud.

One of the best things is you shouldn’t have to spend money on IT staff resources for fixing server issues, downloading updates and for system assistance. All of this is covered in the software monthly subscription cost.

Technological innovation keeping up with fast-paced future thinking industry
Software is always being reviewed and updated with minimal interruption to your business. There is no need for manual updates as this is performed automatically in the background by the developers.

When Making Tax Digital comes in, the cloud systems will be updated without you even knowing and all necessary reporting available at your fingertips without any effort.

By choosing to move to a cloud accounting system now, your business will be compliant with the Making Tax Digital regulations set out by HMRC. The software providers we use are on the list of supported providers by HMRC.

Already VAT returns can be submitted directly to HMRC through the cloud accounting system. This saves having to manually enter return information on the HMRC website – everything dealt with in one system in one go. 

Finally, a benefit of reduced carbon footprint as:

  • Less data centres / servers needed internally
  • Fewer print outs saving environmentally and reducing costs

Case Studies & Testimonials


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Our Team

Neil  Robb

Neil Robb
Partner & Head of Entrepreneurial Services
0141 221 2984

Neil  Robb

Neil Robb

Partner & Head of Entrepreneurial Services

BAcc(Hons) ACCA

LinkedIn Logo

0141 221 2984

Specialisms include...

Neil qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 2011, training in all aspects of Accounting, Taxation and Audit with a well-established firm in Paisley.  From there he joined a firm in Glasgow where he focused on the provision of a high quality service to his varied client base of growing SME’s and owner-managed businesses.

Joining French Duncan in 2016 Neil brought a specialism in cloud accounting solutions and extensive experience in providing clients with high quality, user-friendly management reporting and advice. Heading up our Entrepreneurial Services team in Glasgow, Neil also has wider responsibility for the direction of the department. A key part of this role includes overall responsibility for the firm’s Cloud Solutions offering, utilising modern technology and advising clients on systems and processes to help drive efficiency and achieve relevant, reliable reporting upon which practical, commercial business advice can be given.

Working closely with a large portfolio of clients Neil provides commercial advice to businesses and individuals within many sectors with a key focus in Construction, Hospitality & Leisure, Care Homes and Manufacturing. By building strong relationships with clients Neil and his team strive to provide a comprehensive, responsive and quality service, bringing clients and colleagues together to realise potential and explore opportunities on behalf of clients.


Graham Dyer

Graham Dyer
Entrepreneurial Services Senior Manager
0141 221 2984

Graham Dyer

Graham Dyer

Entrepreneurial Services Senior Manager

BAcc (Hons), CA

LinkedIn Logo

0141 221 2984

Specialisms include...

Having qualified as a Certified Chartered Accountant and working with a well-established firm in Edinburgh for 14 years previously, Graham joined French Duncan in 2020.

Graham is part of our senior management team in the Entrepreneurial Services department and specialises in working with family-owned or owner-managed SME businesses and business start-ups. His approach involves working closely with business owners and managers to gain a deeper understanding of the unique processes and mechanics of each business – Graham can then offer truly tailored, meaningful accounting, tax and finance services.

An advocate of digital systems and solutions, Graham has a passion for exploring the best and emerging technology, ensuring his clients are aware and utilise the best available accounting and all-round set-up for their circumstances.

Throughout his time advising businesses Graham has enjoyed working with clients of varying sizes and in a variety of different sectors learning the particular nuances involved with each one.

Lisa Ferguson

Lisa Ferguson
Cloud Solutions Assistant Manager
01786 451745

Lisa Ferguson

Lisa Ferguson

Cloud Solutions Assistant Manager


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01786 451745

Lisa joined French Duncan in 2016 as a Cloud Solutions Advisor and was promoted to Assistant Manager in 2021. She works closely with clients of all sizes across various industries. 

Within the Entrepreneurial Services Department, her role is to assist owner/managed businesses create efficiencies through the use of cloud accounting software and add-ons.

By doing so, this enables clients to access their financial information in real-time optimising their functionality and performance.

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