Grant Instalments – a vital part of Cashflow Management

Graeme Smith

Grant Instalments – a vital part of Cashflow Management


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Grant Instalments – a vital part of Cashflow Management

The UK and Scottish Governments have introduced a number of new schemes to help companies cope with the threat posed by COVID-19.  More details of these and the part which French Duncan can play in helping you access them is given on our COVID-19 Help for All hub, accessed by clicking here.

However, many companies may already be able to access funds through the various existing grant schemes which are available at present.  The French Duncan Grants Team can assist in applying for a wide variety of grants, and we've created a special download to provide you with more information (click here to read). 

Many business already have existing Grant Offers and there may be scope to bring forward claims under these agreements.  French Duncan Partner Greg Callan outlined recently in his ‘Cash is Reality’ blog the importance of cash to businesses across all sectors.  For those companies with existing grant agreements, it is worth speaking to your grant provider to check if there is any scope to either bring forward an instalment or perhaps split a future instalment such that you may be able to access a part-payment in the short-term.

For most grant agreements, an independent accountant’s certification is required.  The French Duncan Grants Team have extensive experience of certifying grants across a range of schemes over a number of years.  Even in the relatively recent period from January 2019 to date, we have completed 50 certifications ranging from £2,000 to £1.45 million for clients across schemes such as:

  • Regional Selective Assistance
  • Large R&D
  • SMART:Scotland
  • Aid for Disadvantaged Workers
  • Innovate UK
  • Open Innovation
  • Horizon 2020


How can we help?

We have experience across other schemes as well but the claims certified during this period have resulted in our clients accessing more than £9.3m of cash payments. 

We provide this service for both ongoing French Duncan clients as well as an increasing portfolio of grant-only clients and also provide a grant-tracking service to help chart your progress against grant instalments in order to allow you to access instalments as quickly as possible.

For more information, please contact either Graeme Smith ( of Gordon Burns ( 

The bulk of our staff are currently working from home but can be contacted on 0141 221 2984.

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