Culture Orgs & Venues Recovery Fund (COVR)

French Duncan | 11 June 2021


Culture Organisations and Venues Recovery Fund (COVR)

The Scottish Government (via Creative Scotland) has now announced a second round of the Culture Organisations and Venues Recovery Fund (COVR), in an effort to provide additional support for those successful in Round 1 of this fund, BUT ALSO to help other eligible organisations that didn't apply or receive funding in Round 1.

Here at French Duncan we helped a number of clients access this funding, such as Oran Mor in Glasgow and you can click here to read the story of how we helped them.  It's our belief there are other companies out there who are eligible for this support but who may not have yet applied.  The fund is designed not just for theatres and art galleries, but also music venues, comedy venues, nightclubs and even their supply chain businesses.

This second round opens on Thursday 17th June at 2pm, so we'd encourage business to look into the details or contact us to discuss their situation further.  You can contact Graham Dyer or Neil Robb, by calling 0141 221 2984.

Further information, including how to apply, can be found on the Creative Scotland website by clicking here.


Performing Venues Relief Fund

Creative Scotland have also announced the second round of the Performing Venues Relief Fund, with a total pot of £25m.  More information about this can be found again on a page of the Creative Scotland website by clicking here.






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