COVID-19: Preparing your business to Re-Open

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Preparing your business to Re-Open.

Whilst companies like French Duncan remain fully operational during the Coronavirus lockdown period, many have closed the doors for now.

But what about when the time comes to re-open, whether you're a hotel, bar, restaurant or retailer?  We found this interesting article by Howard Field on the HOSPA website (The Hospitality Professionals Association), which while targeted mainly at hotels and hospitality, actually has tips for any business that will need to re-start activities when possible.

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How will restaurants survive & succeed in a COVID-19 world?

Another interesting article that talks about the various ways restaurants (and any food service business) might need to adapt in the coming COVID-19 world can be found here.  Ronnie Sumerville (founder of provides a fascinating and detailed look at it from all angles.

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At French Duncan we have a wealth of experience in the hotel, hospitality and retail sectors, so will be able to help you through our dedicated teams covering Corporate Advisory, Business Restructuring, Corporate Taxation & HR Services. We also have a dedicated Hotel Accounting division providing cutting-edge, technology driven solutions to hotel clients.

Whilst some of our staff are currently working from home, all of the above can be contacted on their email addresses or on 0141 221 2984.


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