French Duncan. The people for you.

French Duncan. The people for you.

That’s how we sum-up what we are all about, no matter what the advice you seek or department you engage with.

You see, we passionately believe that the secret to good client relationships is having good people. 

  • Good people who get to know our clients intently so that we can offer advice and direction born out of a profound understanding of their needs.
    • We are people-people, not distant people. Your challenges are our challenges. We shun the stereotype of accountancy to deliver advice with empathy not arrogance.
  •  Good people who simplify the complex, cut to the chase and give clear advice.
    • We revel in the use of plain English to get to the things that matter to you most, fast. Clarity and momentum are achieved when heads are clear and confidence is high. And because your challenges and opportunities are ‘live’, our advice is actionable in ‘the now’.
  • Good people who provide solutions that offer clients a path forward and a brighter future.
    • Every step we take is solution focused not profit focused. We embrace every challenge with bravery.  Timidity is the friend of failure and missed opportunity. Our advice and solutions are your springboard to ‘next’ and ‘better’.

The world is full of technically proficient but identikit accountants and consultancies. They are big, and they are everywhere, but they are largely built to optimise their systems, monetise their clients and consume their people.

We’re smart, qualified and experienced, but we’re also just down to earth, normal folk.  Let’s sit down and see if we can be your kind of people too.

French Duncan.
The people for tomorrow.
The people for better.
The people for you.


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