Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back and supporting the world and communities which we work with is a big part of our culture, and our corporate social responsibility stretches across environmental impacts, ethical and community engagement, and philanthropic activities.  This is closely aligned with our four core values of Integrity, Knowledge, Making a Difference and Commitment. We believe that a properly implemented CSR program motivates staff, strengthens client relationships and has an extremely positive impact for our local community.

Our CSR Committee
French Duncan’s Corporate Social Responsibility committee is formed from an energetic team of volunteers driven by helping others and positively impacting our communities.  Drawn from across the company (from different departments, levels and geographies), this committee has an overview of the firm's CSR policy and activities, reporting into our senior management team. Find out more about our CSR committee on our Careers page.

Protecting the Environment
The firm recognises the need to protect the natural environment, keeping our environment clean and unpolluted for benefit to all.  We proactively protect the environment in many ways, including through recycling, conserving energy and using and promoting environmentally-friendly technologies.

Charitable Giving
As an organisation with around 200 employees we are committed to supporting our local communities and contributing to various meaningful charities across Scotland. We do this by supporting our staff who already undertake charitable activities or volunteering, and by each year selecting our own charity of the year.

Charity of the year 2020/21: Launch Foods

Each year our CSR committee and staff nominate one charity of the year. This is the focus for our activities over a 12 month period, with regular fundraising activities and events organised. Many of these events engage our staff in activities which, in addition to raising funds, builds relationships, leadership skills and strengthens bonds between them and clients of the firm. 

During 2021 we will be supporting Launch Foods, a charity based in Glasgow that use surplus food to provide a hot meal, bottled water and fruit for kids in communities that need help the most. We also supported Launch during 2020 and decided to extend our support to this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are not only fundraising for the charity but our staff will also get involved by spending time volunteering for the charity, and going out to hand out the meals once they are allowed due to the pandemic. It's an ideal way to see the impact that the charity has, and get to know the other volunteers.

Find out more about Launch here.



Charity of the Year 2018: Strathcarron Hospice

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