Veitch Moir Ltd: Members' Voluntary Liquidation

Veitch Moir Ltd: Members' Voluntary Liquidation

“…such a great job and in such a pleasant, positive manner.”

"It was with heavy hearts that the Shareholders, all family members, of Veitch Moir Ltd unanimously decided to place the Company into a members’ voluntary liquidation (MVL) and to have the assets distributed.  This was a solvent liquidation. Our Company had served us very well for four generations and it was a big step for us.  We asked our Accountants for a recommendation for the selection of a Liquidator to assist with the MVL and their clear advice was French Duncan LLP.

From our initial approach to French Duncan LLP to the eventual closure of the account and formal dissolution of the Company, we were constantly impressed by the professionalism, expert knowledge, common sense, approachability, responsiveness and agreeable, even friendly, manner of all members of French Duncan LLP with whom we had dealings.  The entire members voluntary liquidation process was made very easy for us and it was carried out efficiently, as quickly as the other stakeholders in the process would allow and with a keen eye on keeping costs in control.

All the Shareholders join in thanking French Duncan LLP and in particular the excellent Team which handled our voluntary liquidation for doing such a great job and in such a pleasant, positive manner."

Dewar Donnithorne-Tait


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