Morrison Community Care: Entrepreneurial Services & FD Reporting

Morrison Community Care: Entrepreneurial Services & FD Reporting

How we produce Management Accounts that actually help clients manage their business...



Morrison Community Care Group is a family-owned care group that has operated Care Homes for over three decades, and seen recent expansion with new facilities opened. In 2017, the company won best care home at the Care UK Awards.

The company initially engaged with French Duncan on some specialist Corporate Tax work, before then also working with our Corporate Advisory and Personal Tax teams.

Due to the usual limitations of the Management Account data being in basic Excel format, the company felt it was not able to truly understand it’s overall performance. However as a result of the existing relationship with French Duncan, our Entrepreneurial Services team shared with the Morrison’s team examples of the Management Accounts we supply to clients – and the response was simple; “These are night and day to what we have been getting previously, and exactly what we want.”

What we did

By deploying French Duncan’s latest ‘FD Reporting’ technology we now gather data directly from the client’s Xero platform, and produce Management Accounts that capture and report on all of Morrison Care’s critical KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). They feature clear colour coding to highlight positive and negative results, and graphs that help visualise the data; for example, displaying fixed costs, variable costs and current revenue to show the break-even point and margin of safety.

As well as financial metrics such as Total Revenue and Staff Salaries, these also capture key metrics (financial and non-financial) to measure business success of the previous period such as Average Occupancy and Capex per Bed. And because the reports are fully bespoke, Morrison’s can choose which periods to compare results to and what KPIs should be included. We can also
bring in industry average figures so the management team can compare performance again previous time periods and the competitive landscape.

The Management Accounts we deliver paint a complete picture of how the business is performing overall, as well as easily identifying areas doing well which can be maximised, and any areas falling below expectations which can then be prioritised and actions taken.

Each month our team also meet or speak to the client to give a verbal summary to accompany the report, helping again to highlight areas of success and potential improvement to the company.

Impact we had 

"The report is night and day to what we have been getting previously, and exactly what we want to help us run our business efficiently.

"We are getting real benefit from these reports; they let us see how we're performing against our KPIs and help us identify any issues and make decisions based on that insight, allowing us to operate each of our services cost effectively, allowing us to develop our business, invest in our employees and continuously improve our services to meet the changing needs of the local community and remain fit for purpose.”

Paul Sokhi, Managing Director, Morrison Community Care Group



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