International business sale - various

International business sale - various

"...the firm provided me with a one stop shop of excellent services..."

SteadyDoggie Limited runs an online business selling garden accessories, primarily via Amazon. The customer base is international with the majority of sales being in the US. SteadyDoggie was owned by Mr Soon Chee , a UK national living in Beijing. He has built up the business very successfully over the last 6 years. The business has just been sold to a large German company. French Duncan was recommended to Mr Chee to assist with the sale as we have previously handled several similar international business sales.

What we did
Several of our teams worked together with Mr Chee to ensure a speedy and efficient sale. Our Corporate Advisory team assisted with negotiations between the seller and buyer, helping to resolve any issues that arose. Our Tax team provided in-depth tax advice for the company and the owner, taking into account both UK and Chinese taxes. Additional support was provided by our Entrepreneurial Services team, who prepared financial accounts for the business against a tight timescale, ensuring the sale could go ahead as planned.

Follow up:
Since the sale of SteadyDoggie, Soon has re-engaged with French Duncan for another of his businesses to ensure that he has accurate and up-to-date financial information for decision making which will also make any potential future sales process  run more smoothly. 

"French Duncan was instrumental in making my business sale a fulfilling and enjoyable one. Over the grueling 7 week period, the firm provided me with a one stop shop of excellent services, most notably that of Barry Laurie to whom I'll always be grateful for his sterling efforts & results. Iain Walker, in a class of his own provided fine support during the crucial days towards completion. Last but not least, the always ready for action duo of Marc Vosilius & Gordon Christie, who took on the humongous effort of preparing 2 years of business accounts in a most timely manner. Gratitude also to Sharon Kinney & Jen Kinnear for their support."

Soon Chee
Founder, SteadyDoggie Limited

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