iMultiply: Marketing Services

iMultiply: Marketing Services

 “...the French Duncan Marketing team have been a revelation to iMultiply since coming on board with us."



iMultiply was established in 2012 by Kirsty Mackenzie, with the sole purpose of creating a new and different type of recruitment business.  The company value employer and candidate feedback as much as the numbers. In fact, the iMultiply business model is based on measuring consultants on customer satisfaction as well as fees earned, making them rather different from other recruitment companies.

Whilst the company has undertaken various marketing activities over these 8 years, in late 2019 the firm appointed a new Managing Director, Kris Flanagan, and he and Kirsty wanted to really drive the marketing of the firm into the future.  They saw a need for a more strategic approach, and were looking for someone to help work with their existing Marketing Executive to plan, execute, evaluate and improve marketing activities to achieve business growth.

It was at this point that through iMultiply Finance Director, Mark Probert, they were introduced to Graeme Davies and French Duncan’s marketing offer.

What we did

As with all projects, we started with the very basics of marketing – how we could reach the right people, at the right time and place with the right message.  We conducted a number of client workshops with various members of the iMultiply team in order to get under the skin of the various target audience groups, their behaviours and barriers.  We also evaluated the existing collateral and marketing channels the firm had at it’s disposal, and reviewed competitors activity as well.  From these we developed a clear proposition for the company; it wasn’t revolutionary but came from the heart of the business, and it was designed to galvanise what iMultiply was all about and could be used consistently moving forward.

Obviously as with so many projects in 2020 activities were impacted by COVID-19.  However, we continued to work with Kirsty and Kris to help the firm navigate through this crisis, and soon shifted towards putting in place the marketing strategy and plan for how iMultiply could be best prepared to come out the other side.  This included Graeme Davies continuing to attend regular Board meetings to input strategically into the operational plans.

During Autumn 2020 we have worked with the iMultiply team to develop a robust and detailed marketing plan for the coming months, which provides a foundation of activities whilst giving enough agility to pivot when required or opportunities occur.  We’ve also developed for the company a bespoke marketing dashboard to track all activities through the entire sales funnel, so we can ensure that if something works we do more of it, and if it doesn’t we try something else.  We also worked with them to review and appointed an external web design agency to start work on a new website for the company.

Impact we had

Whilst of course 2020 has not been what anyone expected, Kirsty, Kris and the rest of the iMultiply team have been delighted with the shift in marketing approach and activity, and iMultiply are seeing the results of French Duncan’s input.  There has been a really positive response from the team as to the more structured and strategic approach now being taken, and how that will flow through all marketing activities moving forward.


“I can’t thank Graeme and French Duncan Marketing enough for their input over the past year, where they have added a huge amount of value in a relatively short space of time.

They took the time to understand the business and this industry, and I was delighted at how quickly they were able to pick this up. Since then, the strategic and structured approach to marketing has resulted in us being clearer with our messaging, having a better understanding of marketing priorities and it’s given us a robust actionable plan with measurable outputs.

Graeme has provided constructive challenge, welcomed ideas and useful insight as a member of our Board. He has also worked extremely well with the team, and the mentoring of our Marketing Executive has been invaluable.

Thank you for your communication, responsiveness and ongoing support, it is greatly appreciated.”

Kirsty Mackenzie, CEO, iMultiply


“Graeme and the French Duncan Marketing team have been a revelation to iMultiply since coming on board with us. They very quickly understood our challenges, what we were trying to achieve, who we are as a business, our industry and our market and set out a very clear, concise plan of action on how we could improve our marketing. This has resulted in big steps forward in our overall branding and also key involvement in bigger projects such as a new website build.

Graeme is always on hand to provide advice/suggestion and has taken on a mentoring role with our internal Marketing Executive. Their development under Graeme, in a very short period of time, is clear to see. Graeme’s style and approach make working with him an absolute pleasure and the value added by his work is helping iMultiply to continually evolve and improve.

I look forward to continuing to work with Graeme and the French Duncan Marketing team in 2021 and beyond!”

Kris Flanagan, Managing Director, iMultiply


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