Clearwater Controls: Marketing Services

Clearwater Controls: Marketing Services

 “We have already seen new sales and partnerships as a result of this approach..."



Founded in 2009 as the research and development division of Lanarkshire-based industrial controls company ID Systems, Clearwater Controls has since developed a range of products to monitor and control rotating equipment built around their unique and patented technology.

In recent years, with the growth in IoT and digital systems, the company has expanded its product offering and now provides data gathering devices to a wide variety of companies from large utility firms through to global engineering companies. This expansion required a fresh and expanded marketing approach and plan, as the firm needed to reach new and different audiences, utilising different channels and with updated messaging in order to resonate and drive sales.

What we did

Having already worked with Clearwater Control previously, to approach the marketing of this new product offering French Duncan Marketing Services (FDMS) were engaged to work with the company. The project began, as it often does, with a review of who the right people were to target, at what time / place we could reach them and what message would be required in order to cut-through (i.e. FDMS’s Right People, Right Time/Place, Right Message philosophy). Whilst there was some cross-over between previous marketing communications the firm had undertaken, because of the new product offering differences were identified during this process which had to be addressed in order to deliver successful marketing activities.

FDMS worked with Clearwater Controls throughout this process, as well as engaging with partner organisations. A new approach was proposed, but before activation of any marketing activities it was decided to test this fresh messaging amongst a target audience; to do this FDMS staff travelled out to the USA in late 2019 to undertake message testing with live audience members. This confirmed the overall approach, but also identified a few tweaks which could then be made to better position the product and the benefits this would deliver to both resellers and end-users.

Since the strategy and approach has been developed, the marketing activities have mainly been focussed around direct key customer collateral.

Impact we had

The new marketing approach developed by FDMS has already delivered significant new partnerships and sales to the business, and helped reposition the company and its offering to partner organisations (including multinationals) resellers and end users.


"French Duncan Marketing Services have been invaluable to us and our partners over the past two years, as we have developed a new product offer around Cloud and IoT technologies.  Their approach has helped us all focus on the right areas, and they have delivered marketing collateral which cuts-through and resonates with our target audiences.  We have already seen new sales and partnerships as a result of this approach, and are looking forward to a very successful 2021 in no small part due to the work of FDMS.”


Simon Crompton, Managing Director, Clearwater Controls Ltd &


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