Breeze Creative Design Consultants: Xero

Breeze Creative Design Consultants: Xero

How we helped Breeze transition to digital accounting...


“I was very reluctant to change from my Excel spreadsheet method of running our accounts which I’d used for 15 years and put off making the change for about two years before having to switch to Xero for VAT purposes. However, the Xero system is so easy to use that I can’t believe I stressed over it for so long.

The training was broken down into three sessions which I found made it easier to absorb the new way of working; firstly dealing with sales then purchases then our credit card purchases.

Having worked with the system now for about a year, I find it very straight forward and only very occasionally have a query but I contact French Duncan and they help me quickly sort it.

VAT returns are super easy to do now and take only minutes as Xero does all the work for you.

I am very happy with Xero and the training and support I have received.”

Nicola Mackinlay,
Breeze Creative Design Consultants

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